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What is Special Needs Dentistry?

special needs dentistry manassas va

What Is Special Needs Dentistry?

Special Needs Dentistry Manassas VA

Everyone needs dental care, one way or another. But some people need special attention. This is in regard to other factors that come into play that may affect their general well-being. The special attention may require special facilities as well as unique care services for examination and procedures.

For instance, physically disabled persons who may often find difficulty getting into surgery or even into the dental chair, fall into the category of special needs dental patients. People with learning disabilities may become anxious at the thought of a dentist, therefore, needing special care. Additionally, those with severe medical issues need extra care and precautions. For this reason, dental offices often offer special needs dentistry. This requires an experienced team and the latest technology to assure all patients are properly treated with high-quality care.

Providing Treatmentspecial needs dentistry manassas va

To be clear, any dentist will happily provide dentistry services to any patient, including those with special needs. However, special arrangements are necessary to ease the situation for the patient. For example, the situation may require a home visit by the dentist or may need the patient to visit a special health center. While others may need specialist services. Treatment will vary between patients. Hence, organizing a special needs patient’s care is important

Organizing Treatment

The dental team will need the patient’s medical history to narrow the best treatments and procedure methods. This includes patient history, a list of current medication and medical treatments. It’s also essential that the dental team is informed of the doctor that has been treating the patient. Information on recent surgeries and existing allergies will also be of great help. In addition, patient concerns and anxiety issues need to be shared with the dental team. The dentist can make arrangements beforehand to further assist the patient and help them feel comfortable. 

Special Needs Children Dental Treatment

Special needs dentistry also includes children with physical, mental, and learning disabilities. The parent or guardian is advised to take the child to the dentist at an early age. A low sugar diet is recommended as they are more likely to suffer from tooth decay due to brushing difficulties.

Learn More About Special Needs Dentistry

Dental care is vital for all patients, including those with special needs. Learn more about special needs dentistry by contacting Pop Smiles Dentistry. We offer an array of dental treatments that are customized for each patient. Additionally, we treat patients of all ages. Feel free to contact our team at (703) 844-0404 or book a consultation online. New patients are welcome and most insurances are accepted. Moreover, our office is conveniently located at 10408 Portsmouth Road Manassas, VA 20109. We look forward to meeting you and your family.