Do you feel nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist? If so, you’re not alone. Children and adults of all ages get scared of the dentist. This is normal, but this does not mean that you can avoid going to the dentist altogether. Seeing a dentist regularly is important for optimal oral health. If you don’t go, you cannot take advantage of teeth cleanings and exams to keep teeth healthy and beautiful.

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So what do you do about your anxiety? Many dentists now offer sedation dentistry for patients who cannot relax during dental treatment. Sedation dentistry involves the use of special medication to help you feel calm and relaxed during your dental visit.

At Pop Smiles Dentistry, we can help you or your child get through dental appointments with ease. That’s why our caring dentist, Dr. Jamil Sowan, offers sedation dentistry for his patients in Manassas, Virginia. We offer several types of sedation, so depending on the severity of your dental fear, we can choose one that is right for you. If you are interested in sedation dentistry, contact our office at (703) 844-0404.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Need help relaxing at the dentist? Our office offers three main types of sedation dentistry to fit your needs and preferences. Choose from the following:

  • Nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, this sedative gas is mixed with oxygen. By simply inhaling the gas, you will feel more relaxed in just minutes. This is the mildest form of sedation and works well for those with minimal anxiety. The nitrous oxide wears off quickly after the dentist stops the flow of gas.
  • Oral sedation. Oral sedation involves taking oral medication before your treatment. These medications work similarly to Valium. You will feel much calmer by the time your appointment starts. You will need someone to drive you home afterward.
  • IV sedation. With IV sedation, medication is administered through the veins. This is a fast-acting type of sedation. The dentist is able to easily control how much medication you receive to make you comfortable. IV sedation allows you to be conscious during your appointment, but some patients feel so relaxed that they actually fall asleep. Be sure to have someone take you home afterward, as you will be groggy.

Sedation dentistry offers several options to help you feel more comfortable at your next dental visit. All methods are considered safe, so you don’t need to worry. Our experienced dentist and dental team are highly trained and will ensure your safety through constant monitoring.

Sedation dentistry may be the right choice for you if you suffer from dental anxiety. If you have a sensitive gag reflex or have difficulty getting numb, sedation dentistry can also be helpful.

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You no longer have to fear the dentist. Sedation dentistry can make your dental experience more pleasant. It can calm you down so you can receive the treatment you need for optimal oral health. Contact our office today to learn more. Call Pop Smiles Dentistry at (703) 844-0404.