Sedation Dentistry Manassas VA

Anxiety at the dentist is not limited to children. Even adults get anxious at the dentist. If this describes you, you are not alone.

Sitting in the dentist’s chair while someone looks inside your mouth can be a scary situation, but you don’t have to stop going to the dentist. Regular exams and cleanings are important, so to alleviate your fears, we offer sedation dentistry. Each patient reacts differently to the dentist, so we offer a variety of sedation options. This is because each person reacts differently to various sedatives.

adult sedation dentistry manassas va

At Pop Smiles Dentistry, Dr. Jamil Sowan can provide adult patients with different sedatives so you can feel more relaxed in the dentist’s chair. Our staff is skilled in the safe and appropriate use of sedatives so you can feel relaxed during your dental care. Contact our office today at (703) 844-0404 to learn more about adult sedation in Manassas, Virginia.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Our office offers multiple sedatives for adults. These sedation options include the following:

  • Nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, this is the mildest of sedatives. It is commonly used on children to help them relax while at the dentist. It can also be safely used on adults who have minimal anxiety and need something to help them feel more comfortable. The dentist is able to control the amount of nitrous oxide you receive. The gas is safe and wears off quickly once the procedure is complete. You can drive yourself home afterward.
  • Oral sedation. This is another good for those who suffer from mild dental anxiety. You will be given a sedative pill – typically Halcion, which is similar to Valium – to take before your appointment. You will be relaxed by the time you arrive at our office for treatment. The dose given may be mild or moderate, and you may actually fall asleep during your dental treatment.
  • IV sedation. IV sedation is a fast-acting sedative. The medication is administered via an IV through a vein. This method works quickly and lasts your entire treatment. The dentist can adjust the level of sedation as needed. Keep in mind, though, that this form of sedation requires that you have someone drive you home.
  • General anesthesia. If you have a severe fear of the dentist, you can still get the treatment you need thanks to general anesthesia. This is the form of sedation used for most surgical procedures. The deepest form of sedation, general anesthesia results in almost or full unconsciousness. You cannot be awakened easily. You will need to wait for the effects to wear off. This is a good choice if you are undergoing complex or extensive procedures. Again, you will be groggy afterward so you will need to arrange for a ride home.

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Learn more about sedation dentistry. At Pop Smiles Dentistry, we offer many sedation options to help make your next visit more comfortable. If you have questions about our various sedation options for adults, call or visit our practice today.