Most of us have had cavities at some point in our lives. To fix these cavities, dentists typically use dental fillings. Fillings are a type of dental restoration used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage or decay. They can fix cavities as well as minor chips and fractures. The dental filling restores the tooth so it is as good as new. Your teeth will look great and function normally.

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At Pop Smiles Dentistry, we understand that cavities are common among children. A love of sweets and a hatred of brushing their teeth is a bad combination, leading to tooth decay. However, children’s teeth are more susceptible to decay, even when they practice good dental hygiene.

If your child develops a cavity, Dr. Jamil Sowan easily restores the tooth with a dental filling. He offers dental fillings in Manassas, Virginia, to improve your child’s oral health and prevent further damage. Regular visits with the dentist can prevent decay before it starts and treats any cavities early on. Schedule your child’s appointment by calling our office today at (703) 844-0404.

Dental Fillings Process

There are two main types of dental fillings: amalgam fillings and composite fillings. Amalgam fillings are silver in color, so they are noticeable by others if you open your mouth. However, they are very durable and effective. They have been used for many years and they are the cheapest type of filling. Composite fillings are more visually appealing, as they are made of glass or quartz filler that matches the color of your tooth. They are ideal for small cavities and are fairly durable.

The process for placing a filling requires just one visit. The dentist will first numb the tooth and surrounding areas to alleviate discomfort. The dentist will then remove the decay from your tooth. The tooth will then be cleaned and prepared for the filling. We then fill the tooth with the filling material and shape it to match your tooth’s shape. The filling will then be hardened so it will become a durable restoration.

The process is very quick, taking just a few minutes. The mouth may continue to be numb after the appointment. You may also experience some minor pain and sensitivity. Filling a cavity is generally risk-free. You should not experience any side effects.

The biggest concern to worry about is damage to the filling. While fillings are highly durable and can last many years with proper care, they are still somewhat delicate. Fillings are prone to breakage, especially if you eat hard foods or are hit in the mouth during sports. If the filling breaks or falls out, inform your dentist immediately. If left untreated, the tooth could develop an infection.

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If your tooth is suffering from decay or damage, a dental filling can restore oral health and function, improving the quality of your smile. Is a  dental filling right for your situation? Schedule your next appointment with Pop Smiles Dentistry. Call or visit our office today. We look forward to caring for your smile!