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Pediatric Dentist Manassas VA: What is a Pediatric Dentistry?

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Pediatric Dentist Manassas VA: What is a Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric Dentist Manassas VA

A pediatric dentist Manassas VA focuses on children’s dental issues from infancy to adolescence. This branch of dentistry also assists with special needs children and their unique care. Learn more about pediatric dentist Manassas VA below and contact us today.

Who is a pediatric dentist Manassas VA

A pediatric dentist Manassas VA is classified as a specialist. These dentists are required to have completed three years of additional study in the dentistry field. 

During this period, the pediatric dentist will gain a wide range of experience in dealing with children’s dental health.

While many general dentists may think of themselves as expert dentists, who can deal with any dental issue, however, they must be registered as specialists first before they can deal with children’s dental cases. 

This is because as we said earlier for someone to be qualified to be a dental specialist, they must complete some specified additional training for them to gain experience on matters with children dental cases.

What is the work of a pediatric dentist Manassas VA

The pediatric dentist, as we said earlier, deals with children dental issues. They may help out with common problems such as cavities and sensitivity of teeth in children. 

A pediatric dentist  will probably start dealing with the dental of a child as soon as they begin to grow teeth to the time they are 17 years old.

A pediatric dentist is trained to make your child comfortable as they get their teeth fixed. Many children dread dental visits, so, a pediatric dentist always has the knowledge and the expertise to deal with this kind of anxiety in children. 

Apart from dealing with problems, a pediatric dentist will also work to analyze dental development and even advice on the best action one can take to ensure their children’s dental health is in great shape.

They also contribute to dealing with complex cases such as repairing cleft palate and lip, hypodontia and even the health problems that may affect the dental health of a child.

What skills do pediatric dentists possess?

In general, a pediatric dentist ought to love working with children. They have to be skilled enough to make children comfortable enough for their dental visits. 

Below are some of the additional skills that the specialist needs to be a certified pediatric dentist.

  • Broad knowledge of dentistry in general and a willingness to develop their knowledge.
  • Should have excellent communication skills to communicate well with children.
  • Significant clinical skills with proper evidence.
  • Should be a team player who can follow guidelines and interact with fellow workers.

Difference between a regular dentist and pediatric dentist

There is a difference between the two. While the pediatric dentist Manassas VA will only stick to treating dental issues with children, a regular dentist can treat anyone with a dental problem and especially adults.

A regular takes two to three years of undergraduate education plus four more years of studying dentistry. A professional pediatric dentist, on the other hand, will take two to three years of specialty training and some more on dentistry. 

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