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What is a Dental Exam?

dental exam Manassas VA

Dental Exam Manassas VA

A dental exam is a process of evaluating the risk of rising oral health issues. The dentist examines the face, neck, and mouth for any abnormality. A regular dental exam is an important part of protective health care. During a dental exam, the dental hygienist will also clean the teeth and look for any gum disease and cavities. The dentist will advise choosing a healthier diet and recommend oral hygiene routines. Additionally, a dental exam may also consist of dental x-rays to further evaluate your current oral health.

Maintaining Routine Dental Exams

A dental exam identifies issues early on, which is beneficial for preventing extensive dental work. During a dental exam, cavities, gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer are evaluated.

Normally, patients are advised to have an exam every 6 months. However, there are instances when additional exams are needed. For example, patients with certain oral risks such as periodontal disease may need more exams throughout the year. Each exam offers essential information about your oral health and how to improve it. Upon the findings, recommendations are discussed.

Exam Procedure

The exam procedure is carried out by a general dentist and dental hygienist if a dental cleaning is necessary. During the initial dental exam, the dentist may organize a set of dental x-rays to spot tooth decay or other oral problem that can be hard to spot without x-rays. The dentist will examine any symptoms of gum disease, oral cancer or other health disorder. In addition, the dentist examines the jaw alignment and your bite. Dental X-rays are commonly taken as well.

Before a dental exam is carried out, the dentist will review your dental and medical records. The dentist would like to know the medicine you are using, allergies and whether you smoke or drink alcohol. The dental professional will inquire about earlier dental treatment procedures, surgeries, and experience with anesthesia. This information is important to best determine your treatment plan.

Next, the hygienist performs a dental cleaning, if needed. He or she also educates the patient on appropriate brushing and flossing technique and other dental health guidelines to avoid future problems. The dentist may advise the patient to see a specialist in case of a serious problem.

Lastly, it is normal to feel nervous regarding the dental exam especially if you haven’t seen a dentist in a while. Dental professionals use modern instruments and medication to ensure minimal discomfort during a dental exam. Oral problems or disorders can develop and spread rapidly if left untreated. Hence, it is important to visit the dentist for routine dental exams.

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